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Hansford and Sons Fine Art are a UK based art investment company delivering advice and alternative investment solutions to both collectors and investors in the UK and internationally.

Not all art is an investment and working with qualified and experienced art advisers who specialize in art as investment makes a big difference from working with an art adviser who simply sources and sells artwork.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of knowledge in the world of investment grade modern British art. We offer an unprecedented service of opportunity for clients to build wealth and diversity into their portfolios.




Being born in 1982 in Brazil and grew up in an artistic family of photographers, musicians and journalist I found my love for drawing at an early age. Moving to (Western) Europe at 27 was a shock and I felt that the climate, culture, and mentality drained a lot of my creative energy. This was only revived by changing the way I express myself artistically and would eventually fill in everything that I’d left in Brazil. It would keep me on my path of looking at the positive side in every aspect of life. With my paintings, I’d like to show you that all emotions and people can be beautiful and give energy as long as they are put in the right (colorful) context.


I am constantly looking for the best combinations of color to match every single portrait and therefore every painting is unique in terms of the colour pallet. I found that the use of acrylics and big pieces give the contrast and emotional conflict I’m hoping to give to my audience.


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